Use your career knowledge and experience on an Action Team.

Leadership Action Team - Consists of the Action Team Leader(s) from each school

  • Collaborates with one particular school’s staff and their community partners
  • Designs a specific GrandInvolve plan for each individual school 
  • Creates documents such as a volunteer handbook, which are used by all schools 
  • Works with staff and community partners to deliver the school plan

Future Planning  Action Team – Volunteers who bring their skills and experience to a think tank type team 

  • Designs and plans the future expansion of GrandInvolve throughout the County
  • Meets with community leaders and partner organizations
  • Reviews the progress of deliverables (tracked objectives and goals)
  • Creates the budget
  • Interviews potential schools

GrandInvolve Regional Action Team for Mount Vernon

This is a newly established special team created to design and implement a regional expansion of GrandInvolve into FCPS Region 3 in school year 2017/18, this team will consist of Community Volunteers from the Mount Vernon and Lee Magisterial Districts 

  • Interviews potential schools and instructs school staff about the GrandInvolve program
  • Ensures that schools are ready for volunteers 
  • Markets and advertises to recruit school volunteers in FCPS Region 3