GrandInvolve’s Goals


We Have a few simple goals.

  • Improve the quality of life for older adult volunteers and school age children by providing intergenerational educational activities

  • Increase the number of older adult volunteers who volunteer in a classroom at Fairfax County’s Title I Schools

We know that these goals will serve our objective:

To strengthen the bonds of the oldest and youngest community members while:

  • Supporting the education of our most vulnerable populations

  • Reducing ageism while growing intergenerational bonds

  • Increasing intercultural understanding.

How do we facilitate our goals?

The GrandInvolve program brings older adults into Fairfax County’s Title I Elementary Schools to volunteer in individual classrooms, offering their skills and talents to work directly with students.  This Intergenerational and Intercultural contact allows lasting and meaningful relationships to form. The result is that folks of all ages share their talents and resources while supporting each other in relationships that benefit both the individual and the community.