What people are saying about our program!


What Teachers Tell us

"Volunteers provide the opportunity for more one-on-one attention for students, which helps boost children’s academics and their self-esteem," said Crestwood literacy teacher Kate McLaughlin.  “By having someone else recognize the work that they do, even just puzzling through a particularly difficult word while they’re reading, they can see the appreciation that our community has for them,” McLaughlin said. “It seems like a platitude to say it takes a village, but it really takes a community to make a school.”    

"I loved having Mrs. Tinsley!  She has been such a big help!   She reads one-to-one with struggling readers, practices math facts with kids who don’t know them, and helps out with whole group project when needed.  The kids love it when she comes.  They all want to read with her and they fuss about whose turn it is to spend time with her.  I have noticed a lot of improvement in the kid’s reading scores and their self-confidence when reading."  Ms Kathy Pardue – teacher at Crestwood Elementary School.

“It is helpful to have additional support to work with students during reading stations at a small group table.”

“My volunteer is kind, helpful, smart and reliable.  I love her.”

 “Giving more individualized/small group attention to students who need the extra time; being able to specifically plan an activity that is beneficial to needy students and have the confidence that the student(s) will succeed at the task. Students have benefited by interacting with other (sometimes older than the teacher) adults and different personalities. It's also been nice to have consistent volunteers who communicate when they are unable to be here.”

“She is an amazing resource to give my students math enrichment.  The students love her and she is able to teach them advanced math concepts”.

“The volunteers bring positivity to our school, and have been very helpful at our after school and PTA sponsored events.”

What our Volunteers Tell Us

This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my lifetime!”  

“The kids are wonderful. I never expected to get the welcome I’ve received from them. Every time I walk through the door, they stand up and cheer.”

“The look on a child’s face when he finally understands a concept that the teacher has been trying to teach him for several days is priceless”.  


“If anyone had told me that I would love doing this when I was involved in corporate America, I never would have believed it!”    

“My teacher tells me that every day the children ask “Is it Tuesday?”  That is the day I come to them.”

What School Administrators Tell Us

“At Parklawn, we are constantly looking for ways to better connect with our community. In just the first year of GrandInvolve being at our school, the program provided us with 20 volunteers. These amazing people have had a positive impact on our students, staff, and instruction. One unintended result that this program also brought was an increase in our community volunteers. Upon seeing and hearing about the GrandInvolve volunteers in their children’s’ classrooms, we also saw our non-GrandInvolve volunteer population triple this year.”  Larry Aeillo, Principal, Parklawn Elementary School.