Please Donate

Our programs are 100% volunteer run, so every donation that you make goes directly to our programs. 

Please help us to touch the lives of children by making a donation to GrandInvolve. 

GrandInvolve needs your help continue our expansion into all of the Title I schools in Fairfax County. Will you help us retain our program support materials and activities?

$10 Can buy an age-appropriate children's book for reading assistance

$25 Can buy volunteer supplies for after-school activities - like knitting club or science club!

$50 Helps us recruit additional active seniors as classroom volunteers

$100 Provides funds to on-board volunteers in support of a new school or needed program

$200 or More: Growth Funding - help GrandInvolve to meet the goal of expanding programs into all interested Title I elementary schools in Fairfax County!

If you prefer to send a check - please mail to


6016 Burnside Landing Dr, Burke, VA 22015