Changing the World, One Child at a Time

As we prepare for a new school year 201/18, GrandInvolve volunteers and the teachers who had GrandInvolve volunteers in their classrooms have been talking about their experiences.   

Teachers say.......

Keep these wonderful volunteers coming!  The bonds that they create with students and teachers and maintain throughout the school year are genuine and have such a positive impact on our students.  The volunteers are quick to assist the teachers in a variety of ways, and having that extra adult in the classroom means more personal attention to our students.  

It is great to have a volunteer help monitor a station or read one-on-one with a student (the students love this!) having the volunteer monitor/help run a station reminds students of their expectations for that center.

Our volunteers say.......

"these teachers work so hard and really provide great instruction and attention to their students. I loved being part of this class"

"This was one of the best experiences I've had for a long time. I really felt like I was contributing to learning."

"The children are just beautiful, so loving and respectful."

GrandInvolve has volunteers in 6 schools and we hear remarks like this all the time.  Our volunteers are making a difference in schools – in a family - or in the life of one child.


Michele Duell